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Each of these books is one we consider especially valuable in the study and practice of Chinese medicine and related activities. Wherever possible we include contents pages, reviews and sample text.

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Autism and Acupuncture

Dr. Julian Scott MA, PhD, Cert Ac (China)

This book is for parent and practitioner, and is written to help autistic children and their parents. It explains the broad vision of Chinese medicine, and how it incorporates all aspects of life - joy and sadness, energy and exhaustion, enthusiasm and boredom.

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Live Well Live Long: Teachings from the Chinese Nourishment of Life Tradition

Peter Deadman

Live Well Live Long explores the wonderful Chinese tradition of nourishing life (yangsheng). Its teachings can help us improve our health and lengthen our lives through cultivating our mind, emotions, diet, exercise, sleep, sexual behaviour and much more. And as this book reveals, these teachings are comprehensively backed up by the findings of modern lifestyle research.


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A Manual of Acupuncture (Second edition)

Peter Deadman and Mazin Al-Khafaji with Kevin Baker

The Manual of Acupuncture is the primary acupuncture point textbook used in English-speaking colleges and universities throughout the world. The second edition (the terracotta edition) uses colour within the book to more clearly illustrate points, Chinese characters, point names and internal organs. The text is unchanged.

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