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Black or Red Tea from Jade Spring Teas

Wonderful new Spring 2018 crop of Ancient Tree Golden Needle now in stock

Known as red tea in China, black teas are heavily oxidised (often incorrectly referred to as fermented) which gives them their distinctive dark colour. The leaves are first withered for up to 18 hours, then rolled to break up the plant cells and start oxidation. Cheaper black teas are generally machine rolled and processed in a macerator or hammer mill to produce CTC (crush, tear, curl) the much smaller and quicker-brewing broken leaf used in tea bags and some blended teas. Artisan teas are generally rolled by hand or masterfully tossed on round bamboo trays to preserve the whole leaf and ensure an even oxidation. Rolling is followed by a further short period of oxidation and then dried (traditionally in a hot wok or oven) to arrest the process. Black tea from India is often drunk with milk, although most Chinese varieties are not.

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