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Green Tea from Jade Spring Teas

Wonderful new Spring 2018 crops of Mao Feng and Longjing are now in stock

Liquid jade is the legendary name bestowed on green tea. Predominantly grown and processed in Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan, green tea is full of vibrant vegetal flavours and whole system health benefits.

After picking, green teas may (or may not, depending on variety) be withered by laying out on bamboo trays and exposed to sunlight or warm air for one to two hours. They are then ‘fixed’ (also known as ‘kill the green’) by pan-firing, oven-firing or steaming to prevent oxidation (absorption of oxygen) and preserve freshness. The leaf is left whole and may be rolled into a tightly curled ball which will uncurl into its full size when brewed. Finally, the tea is fully dried. Premium artisan green teas are generally processed by hand (for example manually stirred in hot woks (China), or bamboo steamed (Japan) before being manually rolled). Commercial teas are generally machine processed.

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