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Oolong Tea from Jade Spring Teas

Wonderful new spring 2018 crop of Tie Guan Yin oolong now in stock

Oolong teas offer the greatest range of tastes and aromas because of variations in the degree of oxidation and the intricate processing method, which can take up to three days. Oolongs are prized among tea aficionados for their complexity and terroir-specific tastes. The degree of oxidation ranges from 10% (floral with delicate citrus notes and a buttery smooth finish), to 70% dark roasted (nutty or woody with hints of dark chocolate, leather and stone fruits). Oolong requires a masterful hand at processing -withering, rolling (a tea master will be able to toss or roll the leaves evenly bruising only the outside edge of the leaves ensuring a distinct level of oxidation), and roasting either to ‘kill the green’ in lighter Oolongs or to achieve a unique charcoal roast for medium to dark Oolongs. The roasting or firing is often repeated, slowly curing the leaves to achieve a precise aroma and flavour. There are two main seasons for Oolong - Spring and Autumn, both offering unique depths of flavour. Medium and dark roast Oolongs can be aged and are sought for their prized rich liqueur finish.

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