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Indian researchers report that acupressure can be successfully used to reduce dental anxiety in children. A total of 375 eight- to 12-year-old children undergoing dental procedures were randomly assigned to three groups: acupressure, sham or control. Acupressure beads were affixed over two acupoints (Yintang M-HN-3 and auricular Shen Men) in the acupressure group. Two sham points not known to have any anxiolytic effect (one located two centimetres from the lateral end of the left eyebrow and another at the tip of the ear concha) were selected for sham group. A significant difference was found between the three groups of children in terms of subjective dental anxiety scores, objective behaviour ratings and pulse rates, with the acupressure group displaying a lower level of anxiety based on all measures.

Effectiveness of Acupressure on Dental Anxiety in Children. Pediatr Dent. 2018 May 15;40(3):177-183.


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