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Combining acupuncture with physical therapy can improve pain and rehabilitation significantly for patients with post-stroke shoulder-hand syndrome (SHS), report Chinese investigators. One hundred and seventy eight patients with post-stroke SHS received either rehabilitation therapy alone, or acupuncture treatment in addition to rehabilitation therapy. The main acupoints used were on the three yang channels of the affected extremity (eg Jianyu L.I.-l5, Jianliao SJ-14, Jianzhen SI-9, Jianqian/Jianneiling M-UE-48, Quchi L.I.-11, Shousanli L.I.-10, Hegu L.I.-4 and Waiguan SJ-5). Acupuncture was conducted once per day for one month. Early pain relief and improvements in upper extremity motor function and quality of life were all found to be significantly better in the acupuncture group at the end of the treatment period.

A clinical study on acupuncture in combination with routine rehabilitation therapy for early pain recovery of post-stroke shoulder-hand syndrome. Exp Ther Med. 2018 Feb;15(2):2049-2053.


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