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Acupuncture and moxibustion can help improve myopia in children, suggests a pilot study from China. Forty-four patients with myopia aged between 6 and 12 received either acupuncture or moxibustion. Acupuncture points used were DU-20, Zanzhu BL-2, Sibai ST-2, Taiyang M-HN-9, GB-20, Hegu L.I.4, Zusanli ST-36 and Yinlinquan SP-6. Moxibustion treatment was carried out at bilateral Zanzhu BL-2, Taiyang M-HN-9, Sibai ST-2 and Hegu L.I.4. Patients completed 10 treatment sessions (two per week). The extent of improvement was better in the acupuncture group, however the difference was non-significant.

Acupuncture and Lifestyle Myopia in Primary School Children-Results from a Transcontinental Pilot Study Performed in Comparison to Moxibustion. Medicines (Basel). 2018 Aug 31;5(3.


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