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Clinicians based in Singapore have found that both real and sham acupuncture are equally effective in improving fatigue in patients with Parkinson's disease (PD). Forty PD patients with moderately severe fatigue were randomised to receive five weeks of twice‐weekly sessions of real or sham acupuncture. Patients in the real acupuncture group were needled at 11 acupoints; bilateral Neiguan P-6, Hegu L.I.- 4, Zusanli ST-36, Sanyinjiao SP-6, Taixi KID-3 and Qihai REN-6. Sham acupuncture involved non-penetrative placebo needling at the same points. Both groups showed significant improvements in fatigue scores at five and nine weeks, but there were no significant between-group differences. Although improvements were noted for motor function scores in the real acupuncture group, no significant between-group difference could be demonstrated.

Acupuncture in the treatment of fatigue in Parkinson's disease: A pilot, randomized, controlled, study. Brain Behav. 2017 Dec 29;8(1):e00897).


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