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Acupuncture appears to reduce the mechanosensitivity of peripheral nerves, Portuguese scientists report. Thirty-one asymptomatic individuals were randomly assigned to receive acupuncture at either Jianshi P-5 or Chize LU-5, before undergoing neurodynamic tests aimed at assessing the mechanosensitivity of the nerves. These tests use body movements to apply stretching forces to neural structures in order to evaluate how sensitive or tolerant nerves are to mechanical stimuli. Immediately after acupuncture, the mechanosensitivity of the median nerve appeared to be reduced, as indicated by an increase in pain tolerance under neurodynamic testing. No differences were observed between the two groups.

Immediate effects of acupuncture on the mechanosensitivity of the median nerve: an exploratory randomised trial. Acupunct Med. 2018 Jun;36(3):132-138.


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