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Electro-acupuncture (EA) treatment is more effective than drug treatment in relieving depression and improving quality of life in perimenopause, report Chinese authors. A randomised, positive-controlled clinical trial recruited 242 perimenopausal women with mild-moderate depression who were randomly assigned to receive 36 sessions of EA (Guanyuan REN-4, Zigong M-CA-18, Tianshu ST-25, Sanyinjiao SP-6, Hegu L.I.-4, Taichong LIV-3, Baihui DU-20, Yintang M-HN-3) or escitalopram, over a 12 week period. During the intervention period, no difference was observed between the two groups. However, in the 12 week follow-up period, both depression and menopause-specific quality of life were significantly decreased in the acupuncture group, compared with the drug therapy group.

A Multicenter, Randomized, Controlled Trial of Electroacupuncture for Perimenopause Women with Mild-Moderate Depression. Biomed Res Int. 2018 May 29;2018:5351210.


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