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Tuina therapy can significantly increase postpartum milk production in women with insufficient lactation following Caesarian section. Chinese researchers enrolled 80 patients in the study and randomised them to either a control group who received standard medical care, or a tuina group who received additional tuina therapy. Patients in the tuina group received a daily 30-minute tuina treatment for two consecutive days from 48 hours postpartum. Acupoints stimulated as part of the treatment protocol included Sanyinjiao SP-6, Xuehai SP-10, Zusanli ST-36, Jianjing GB-21, Tanzhong REN-17, Yinchuang ST-16, Wuyi ST-15, Qihu ST-13 and Ruigen ST-18. Compared with the control group, Tuina therapy was found to significantly increase milk production by as much as 13 -fold on the third postpartum day and 10-fold on the fourth postpartum day. In addition, tuina also significantly increased full breast volume and serum prolactin level change, while decreasing breast surface temperature rise. Tuina therapy was also observed to accelerate post-surgical recovery of the uterus after delivery.

Acupoint-tuina therapy promotes lactation in postpartum women with insufficient milk production who underwent caesarean sections. Medicine (Baltimore). 2019 Aug;98(35):e16456