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We also sourced a special Ju Pu Cha, tangerine filled shou (baked) Puerh for Christmas. Tangerine filled puerh has an earthy smooth taste with a hint of citrus and uplifting aroma. The process used to make tangerine peel packed pu-erh has remained largely unchanged since early times. The puerh is traditionally processed and then stuffed into freshly hollowed XinHui tangerines. The filled oranges are flash dried in the hot sun and then left to rest for at least 6 months. 

We only ordered a small amount of Ju Pu Cha as a special Christmas treat this year from our friend Vicky and her family who also supply our 2010 Wild Arbour Shou (baked) Puerh.  Vicky and her family own the HengFungXiang factory and have been working in this southern Yunnan region for over a decade. They help to develop roads, schools, and basic infrastructure to elevate the incredible poverty in these remote regions.