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During the winter months we turn to drinking darker teas, teas which are deeply oxidised and or fermented. Drinking highly oxidised oolongs or black teas as well as fermented Puerhs during the colder months helps stimulate yang energy, raising qi thus warming the body. 

One of our favourite teas this season is Organic Rou Gui, Yancha which is a dark roasted Oolong hand harvested from the cliffs of Wuyishan, China. The combination of the legendary terroir and artisan processing bestows this 60% oxidated tea with a roasted cinnamon, cocao and rock minerality offering a smooth and warming complexity.

This tea is from the family farm of Tea Mistress’ Chayishi (tea artist) teacher in Wuyishan. Li Xiangxi’s family farm rests above Tongmu Gorge. It is fed by a fresh mountain spring, and is surrounded by swaying bamboo and cliffs that reach to the heavens. This completely natural and organic Rou Gui (Cinnamon) tea has been hand-picked, partially machine processed, and finally charcoal roasted by hand in the family factory. It is a fantastic example of one of the four famous cliff teas (yancha) of the region.

What makes the tea of this region so spectacular is the rocky minerals which are absorbed by the tea's roots. It is said that the teas, which grow on the cliffs, have a strong qi and carry the strength and majesty of the cliffs themselves. This particular tea is harvested from 50 year old trees whose strong deep roots draw the power of Wuyi Mountain into the leaves for you to enjoy.