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Ling Yang Jiao (Saigae tataricae Cornu) - the horn of the siaga antelope - is salty and cold and enters the Heart and Liver. It has traditionally been used to drain Liver heat, calm the Liver, extinguish wind and control spasms and convulsions (for childhood convulsions and seizures, including during fevers, etc.), calm the Liver and anchor the yang (for dizziness, vertigo, irritability and restlessness, and splitting headaches), to clear the Liver and improve the vision (for headache, red and swollen eyes or photophobia), to drain heat and resolve fire toxicity (for high fever, delirium, manic behaviour, loss of consciousness etc.), and to clear damp-heat (for rhematic/arthritic disorders due to damp-heat). [1]

1. Chinese Herbal Medicine: Materia Medica, 3rd edition, Eastland Press, Seattle, 2004.