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Mushroom Nutrition

Finest professional mushroom products from MycoNutri for optimum supplementation

The benefits of mushrooms for the immune system and metabolism in general has been recognized in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine for many centuries, but a greater understanding of the key compounds produced by mushrooms is leading to a significant increase in awareness of and interest in their therapeutic possibilities.

JCM has considered these developments and now offers a leading range of carefully considered mushroom supplements and 3 combination products for professional use from MycoNutri. Using mycelial biomass, hot-water and ethanolic extracts the range delivers the full health benefits of each mushroom species.

The MycoNutri range has been developed by Martin Powell, author of the recently published and excellent tome on the subject, Medicinal Mushrooms – A Clinical Guide (2nd Edition). Also now available from Acurea Medical, the book is already essential reading for anyone with a desire to develop their understanding of the traditional usages and medicinal benefits increasingly attributed to species within the mushroom kingdom.

Martin Powell is a biochemist and practitioner of TCM who has been working with medicinal mushrooms and their health benefits for almost 30 years.


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