The Kidneys

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This book begins with a discussion of the unique double nature of the kidneys. Their relationships with fire and water are discussed in full, particularly through links with ming men, (the Gate of Destiny), the heart, the bladder and the triple heater. The concept of ming men and destiny is examined in detail and shown in connection with yuan qi (original or source qi) and jing (essences). The development of these ideas is then seen in the seven and eight year cycles for women and men, as set out in the first chapter of The Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic, Neijing Suwen chapter 1.

The book also looks the kidneys' association with winter and their storing and restoring qualities, along with the five phase resonances of kidneys and water. The kidneys are presented as the firm foundation of life, the lower source of liquids, the fire in the depths, and the model for generation and regeneration.

A brief summary of kidney pathology with principle causes of disease, symptoms and patterns of disharmony is given, as well as an index of all Chinese characters and main concepts.

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Author Claude Larre and Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee
Publication Date Jan 21, 1
Publisher Monkey Press
Number of Pages 116
Book Format Softback

Elisabeth Rochat: Only that which is able to retain and hold firmly is able to stimulate that which can move outward to the most exterior part. It is only this double aspect of the kidneys which is able to make the unity of life, and we call it fire and water, yin and yang

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