Acupuncture Sites


    This is until now by far the largest and most diverse site about Chinese Medicine and especially acupuncture. It is an excellent site with extensive information about acupuncture, herbal medicine, TuiNa, Qigong and diagnosis, research, treatment testimonials etc.. It is subdivided in sections for patients, students and practitioners. It also has an interesting commercial part with among others a bookshop and information about study tours to China.
    Quality: Excellent articles (written by e.g. G.Maciocia. T.Kaptchuk, B.Flaws and A.Stone) from different Chinese Medicine Journals and books. It’s a pity that some poor quality articles are placed.
    The Acubriefs website tries to make available online the most comprehensive database of references on acupuncture in the English language. The MARF (Medical Acupuncture Research Foundation) database is made up of citations from several sources (More than 14,000 primarily English citations as of May 2002). The goal of the Acubriefs Newsletter is to provide a centralized resource for reviewing new citations on acupuncture, to provide annotated abstracts on citations of particular interest to clinicians and researchers and to facilitate access to citations quoted/reviewed. The website has an excellent searchable database and it's possible to subscribe to the free monthly newsletter, which is also published online.
    Quality: Excellent. This is the place to be for scientific background information on acupuncture!!
    This multilingual website offers online software to calculate open points (according to Ziwu Liuzhi). It also provides users with some theoretical background on this topic, other pertinent information on classification of points, meridians, organs and energy axes. There is also an index of symptoms/diseases and for each extrameridian, extraordinary and new points are provided. For each point brief anatomical description, indications, puncture and illustration are just a mouse click away
  • Pediatric Acupuncture
    This excellent website is maintained by Julian Scott, the author of the excellent book Acupuncture in the treatment of Children.

Medical Acupuncture

  • American Academy of Medical Acupuncture
    American website with lots of info on acupuncture for laymen and physicians. The best part is the online version of their Medical Acupuncture Journal! Unfortunately only members can access their private area with case discussions and their acupuncture manual
    Quality: Excellent, a must read!