All items on the Journal of Chinese Medicine website ( have a weight and the website has a record of the delivery costs for different weights to each country.

Carriage is then charged at cost with the addition of a ‚£1.00 (€1.50) per order handling charge. So if the actual carriage cost is ‚£2.13, the delivery charge will be ‚£3.13 etc.

Following the UK Customs & Excise guidelines, VAT is charged on carriage at the standard rate for orders within the EU, except for orders where the goods are zero rated. In this case, if an order consists solely of zero rated items (books or teas), no VAT is charged on the carriage either.

Packaging policy: please note that we use biodegradable packaging for all our shipments. This includes all-paper protective bags, paper-based sealing tape, cornstarch or paper fillers and recycled content card boxes.