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Treatment of Women Through The Great Turnings of Life with East Asian Herbal Medicine
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The program takes participants through the phases of women’s lives from menstruation, through fertility, pregnancy and postpartum, to menopause and aging.



Sharon Weizenbaum Sharon has been practicing for 40 years with a focus on women’s health and classical formulas. She lived in Hangzhou, China in 1990-1991, studying herbal obstetrics and gynecology in a traditional hospital. Upon her return to the US, in addition to practicing, she began teaching and developing her interest and skill in translation and classical formulas. She has compiled over 25 eBooks (over 3000 pages) of her translated materials that have become clinical reference manuals for her many students. Sharon is the instructor for the White Pine Graduate Mentorship Program, now in its 20th year.

Caroline Radice Caroline has been practicing and teaching with a specialty in Women’s Reproductive Health Care using Chinese Herbal Medicine for 30 years. Her training began at her Master’s Program at ACTCM with Li Fang Liang, a renowned OB/GYN from China, who has published TCM texts on Gynecology and Integrating Chinese Medicine with Assisted Reproduction. Caroline continued with many years of Classical Herbal study with Sharon Weizenbaum and other practitioners with advanced practice in Classical Chinese Medicine and Gynecology. She is on Faculty with several colleges where she teaches Herbal Medicine and OB/GYN, including PCHS in NY, VUIM in Virginia, and SIEAM in Seattle. She also works closely with many practitioners of Western Medicine including OB/GYNs and Reproductive Endocrinologists, with whom she shares patient care in her private practice in New Jersey.

Suzanne Connole Suzanne Connole originally found her way to Chinese Medicine after acupuncture helped heal her own chronic debilitating pain. She graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and then became a doula, lactation consultant and childbirth acupuncturist. She has been in clinical practice for 19 years and a teacher for 15 with a clinical focus on women’s health, pregnancy and postpartum. Suzanne has taught at Pacific College of Health Sciences, and was Director of Herbal Studies at Tri-State College. Presently she teaches herbal medicine and gynecology at the Won Institute of Graduate Studies and nutrition and herbal medicine at The New England School of Acupuncture. She is on the board of both the Shen Nong Society for Herbal Medicine Studies and the White Pine Circle. After studying with various teachers including Elaine Stern and Claudia Citkovitz, she found a pathway to study classical medicine with Sharon Weizenbaum where she is now a TA. Suzanne lives and practices in Kingston, New York with her daughter Daphne and enjoys hiking and chasing waterfalls in the Catskill mountains.

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