Professor Chen Quanxin's experience in using acupuncture

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Professor Chen Quanxin's experience in using acupuncture

by Guo Yuanqi et al.

Prof. Chen discusses the principles of his success as an acupuncturist, in particular his emphasis on good needle technique, and treatment based on channel theory. He emphasises the key role played by good needle insertion which should be painless while at the same time ensuring sufficient stimulation to achieve a therapeutic effect. Professor Chen was responsible for developing the 'quick twirl' method of insertion in the 1970's. This involves grasping the handle of the needle with the thumb, index and middle fingers and twirling the needle handle anti-clockwise while using wrist force to insert the needle. With this technique the force of insertion reduces pain and the doctor avoids skin contact with the needle shaft. The appropriate use of tonifying and dispersing techniques according to the individual and the condition, and the full concentration of the practitioner's mind while needling are also keys to success.

JTCM December 2005

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Author Guo Yuanqi et al
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