Traditional Chinese medicine sites


  • Meditopia
    Nice site with information on several diseases with comparison of costs and advantages of treatment with western medical care and Chinese medical care.
    Quality: Good, but only useful for laymen
  • Sciences of Traditional Chinese Medicine
    This site is maintained by Kexin Bao, and is one of the few online journals of Chinese medicine. It has lots of short articles for students and practitioners alike, by different Chinese authors. I.e. about nomenclature, translation of articles and more clinical minded articles. Articles are in English and Chinese
    Quality: Good site
  • Qi Journal
    Features an online acupuncture model. To go there directly just follow this link
  • The Gallery of
    Very nice links site on everything Chinese. Has lots of links to Chinese Medicine Sites.
  • The Pulse of Oriental medicine
    Online Journal for the masses, bringing the wisdom of Chinese medicine to your desktop computer.
  • Open TCM
    Acupuncture distance learning website with quite a bit of free material (articles, downloads, database).


  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Basics
    Although this site is maintained by people who are not practitioners of Chinese Medicine, it’s a very good and comprehensive site on all topics of Chinese Medicine. It contains extensive descriptions of the fundamental theories, but also some articles on anti-neoplastic herbal medicines and the immune system. Several beautiful colour illustrations are included.
    Quality: Very good site, especially for patients of Chinese Medicine (written by Wyith R.Cheng & Associates)
  • Chinese Nature-Cure Institute & Lanzhou Medical
    Nice site with information on the new TCM-theory of Embryo Containing Information of the Whole Organism (ECIWO). The theory is explained with very nice diagrams.