An Interview with Paul Unschuld

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This summer, Paul Unschuld, venerable translator of Chinese medical texts and medical anthropologist, agreed to a rare interview for The Journal of Chinese Medicine. Having known Paul for several years, and having collaborated on a doctorate-level class at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine last year, I thought the timing was right for a discussion about some of his most recent books and translations, all of which have actual or potentially great impact on our profession. I was first introduced to his work by reading his Medicine In China series back in the 1980's, which greatly broadened my historical perspective on Chinese medicine. I have spent the last two years studying his Huangdi Neijing Suwen translation, and I continue to be impressed by the immense depth and value of the text. I had many questions for Paul, and his answers, as you will see, are as provocative and thoughtful as all of his books have been.
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Author Z’ev Rosenberg
JCM Issue JCM103-1
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