Acupuncture For Treating The Hidden Roots Of Disease: The Mind and the Emotions in Chinese Medicine - eBook format


This eBook is a much-needed text to help clarify the ancient Chinese concepts about the Mind and the Emotions, to explore the role of the psyche in disease nemesis, and to help integrate acupuncture and psychology in the TCM practice.


How one experiences the world is primarily the result of the structure of the mind and the psyche. The construct of the mind based on Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM), compared with Western neurophysiology and psychology are analysed in detail. 


The Belief systems are at the core of human psychology, their components are the inherited energies, the temperament and social conditioning. The Extraordinary and Luo ≈ Connecting Vessels play an important role in this process. Emotions are the subjective feelings in response to outer events; their effect is detailed both on the physical and the energetic levels. Psychological issues constitute a major part of our patient complaints, their treatment often presents a challenge for the therapist. 


Clearing out the impact of traumatic events and emotions requires addressing the “Roots of the Disease”. The treatment has to include the release of the body retained memories “Body Armours”, and the subconscious memories “images, impressions” and the changing of the habitual mindsets. 


This book offers the acupuncturist valuable strategies combining acupuncture, dream-work and affirmation techniques for dealing with the most common psychological problems such as depressive states, stress, issues with death and dying, insomnia, compensations and addictions, memory and attention deficit, post-traumatic shock, panic attack, and a variety of personality disorders. Numerous case studies further demonstrate the application of these protocols in practice. The therapeutic strategies and point indications are derived from the written and oral traditions of acupuncture.


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