Reincarnation After Cancer - My Journey With Qigong And Conventional Medicine


The author tells the story of her personal journey with cancer, Qigong, and conventional medicine — from diagnosis to cure. She writes with the hope that love, mercy, and empathy will accompany the journey of each patient. The author acknowledges that every cancer story is very individual. Nevertheless, she has a strong belief that each person’s narrative may encourage others to uncover confidence, hope, and strength when combating life-threatening disease. She elaborates on ancient medicinal concepts of recovery from serious illness, on the tremendous healing abilities of our body/mind, and on the linkage between modern science and ancient medicine. She writes about the inspirational advantages of exploring “new lands” within ourselves, opening our hearts to others, rediscovering our child-like nature, and following our dreams. After recovery, she accomplishes her dream of gaining an education in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), then receives her license and begins her own practice in a holistic medicine clinic, treating people with TCM and Qigong. This book presents her life, thoughts, feelings, and observations throughout the recovery process and to personal fulfilment.

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