Working With Patients During A Dying Process


As practitioners, we see people in many phases of their lives, and occasionally we encounter them during their end of life. Death is a subject we don't talk about in our culture. It is dark, complicated and takes people to places they would prefer to avoid at all costs. That's why this module is so important. Isobel Cosgrove, an Acupuncturist with over thirty years experience, uses her experience about working with a patient during a dying process to help us understand the complexities of dying, and our role as a support person through the process. She talks about isolation being the greatest burden for the patient and how we can help them transition through their emotional journey - so that they have a peaceful death.

Goals of the course:

1. To understand how the concept of death and dying has changed in recent years

2. To gain insight in to the medical profession's approach to dying and how we can offer better support

3. To explore different philosophical approaches to the dying process

4. To learn new skills to be better able to support someone during the end of their life

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