Treating Emotional Pain: Acupuncture and Herbs for Anxiety, Stress, and PTSD

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Approved for 3 CEUs via NCCAOM, California, Florida, and Texas. 

Emotional disturbances are at epidemic proportions in our modern world. According to many experts, most of our patients are anxious to some degree. This is an area where Chinese Medicine has a great deal to offer. In this brilliant lecture, Dr. Michael Berletich covers anxiety, depression, PTSD, stress, and trauma from a deep perspective, relating back to the Yi Jing and other classical references. Dr. Berletich covers basic diagnostics, acupuncture point prescriptions, and relevant point modifications. The course also delves into herbal prescriptions for treating emotional pain, including modifications that can help any practice. This lecture will provide each viewer with tangible, clinically relevant ideas they can put to use right away.

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