Worsley Five-Element Acupuncture: Seasons, Elements, Officials

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Approved for 5 CEUs via NCCAOM, California, Florida, and Texas. 


To understand the Five Elements and the Twelve Officials one must start by understanding the Seasons. During this seminar J.R. Worsley shares his years of experience practicing Worsley Five-Element Acupuncture, and his experience observing nature. The recordings are a compilation of various lectures given by J.R. Worsley to his students. He starts by providing a firm foundation in the Seasons, then layering in the Five Elements, and finally introducing us to the Twelve Officials.

Objectives of this course include:

  • Understanding the qualities of the Five Seasons: Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Autumn, Winter

  • Understanding the qualities and correspondences of the Five Elements 

  • Understanding the qualities of the Twelve Officials 

  • Being able to articulate how each patient is a unique individual


Provider: Blue Poppy

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