GUI: Ghosts and Spirits in Chinese Medicine


Gui has appeared consistently in the Chinese medicine discourse over many centuries. Gui are the souls of dead people wandering in the realm of after-life. In ancient times, the main aetiological factor of diseases was invasion of gui. People fell ill because of invasion of gui. Indeed, the acupuncture vocabulary reflects this in many of its terms.

The talk will introduce the concept of Gui in its historical context first; it will then explore possible modern psychological interpretations of the concept of Gui and their clinical application. The workshop will explore the following aspects of Gui in the context of Chinese medicine:

  1. Gui as spirits and ghosts

  2. The concept of Gui in the development of acupuncture

  3. Gui as causes of disease and voices of dissent of this view

  4. Divergent views in Chinese medicine on Gui as causes of disease

  5. Gui as a component part of Hun and Po

  6. The significance of movement of the Gui in psychology

  7. Gui as a separating, centripetal, fragmenting psychological energy

  8. The connection of Gui with the Po

  9. Gui as a symbol of contraction and counterpole of shen (expansion)

  10. Gui as a dark (essential) force of psyche, akin to Jung's Shadow

This audio-only presentation is from a recent lecture given by Giovanni.

Provider: Giovanni Maciocia Online

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