Returning to the Source: A Deeper Understanding of the Zang-Fu and Disease Through the Chinese Medical Classics

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Approved for 15 CEUs via NCCAOM, Florida, and Texas

As of January 1, 2022, this course is not approved by the California Acupuncture Board.

One of the key differences between Chinese medicine (CM) and other systems of medicine is the unique understanding in CM of zang-fu physiology and patho-mechanisms. Even deeper discussions of the zang-fu system are available in modern and classical Chinese texts than are available in English. Through his translation and study of source texts, Bob Damone provides participants in this class the chance to see Chinese medicine in a new and clearer light, presenting the integrated roles of each CM viscera and bowel in health and disease. Don’t miss this opportunity to develop a more mature and clinically viable understanding of CM physiology and pathomechanisms.

In this class you will:

Develop a clearer understanding of Chinese medical physiology as a coordinated system, not as isolated units with disconnected functions

Allergic Rhinitis

Increase your understanding of zang-fu physiology and pathomechanisms by studying reliable translations of Chinese language sources, including classical texts such as Nei Jing (Inner Canon) and Nan Jing (Classic of Difficult Issues)

Go beyond English textbook presentations of zang-fu physiology

Explore CM pathology by gaining a clearer understanding of pathomechanisms—why and how zang-fu function and relationships can lead to disease

Increase your clinical mastery by strengthening your CM foundation

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