Gynaecology in Chinese Medicine 2: Women’s Pathology

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Discusses and clarifies many aspects of pathology and diagnosis in gynaecology, such as: The causes of simultaneous, confusing symptoms of Heat and Cold in women, The distinction between Yin deficiency without and with Empty Heat with tongue pictures, The tongue in Liver-Qi stagnation, The differentiation between primary and secondary Liver-Qi stagnation and their treatment, The patterns deriving from Liver-Blood deficiency (over ten), The pathology and treatment of rebellious Qi of the Chong Mai, The “chest” area on the tongue and how it reflects breast pathology in women.

This course follows on from the course on the Gynaecology 1 – Physiology. The present course discusses the pathology seen in gynaecology in details.

The pathological patterns in gynaecology discussed include:

  • Kidney deficiency

  • Liver-Qi stagnation

  • Liver-Blood deficiency

  • Liver-Blood stasis

  • Spleen-Qi and Spleen-Blood deficiency

  • Spleen-Qi deficient and sinking

  • Deficient Spleen-Qi not holding Blood

  • Spleen-Qi deficiency with Dampness

  • Heart-Blood deficiency

  • Heart-Blood stasis

  • Heart-Blood Heat

For each of the above patterns, the course discusses the aetiology, pathology and treatment with both herbal medicine and acupuncture in the context of gynaecological conditions. The pathology is often illustrated by clear tongue pictures to facilitate the understanding of diagnostic points. The acupuncture treatment of patterns and diseases contain many example of extraordinary vessels treatment.

In the process of discussing patterns, several diseases are also discussed with an analysis of their aetiology, pathology and treatment with herbal medicine and acupuncture. Examples of diseases discussed are:

  • Menopausal problems

  • Menorrhagia and metrorrhagia (Beng Lou)

  • Endometriosis

The course consists of 233 slides with photos and with video narration, by Giovanni Maciocia.

Provider: Giovanni Maciocia Online

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