Treating the 5 Types of Menopause

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  • Create a holistic, whole view of the involvements of the organs in menopause.

  • Use correct different herbal formulas for different women and different symptoms.

  • Treat menopausal symptoms according to the 5 elemental types system.

  • Converse in, and understand, Western approaches and understanding of perimenopause and menopause.

  • Sharpen your understanding of woman’s development stages.


The Chinese view of menopause is based on a matriarchal ancient society. Once a woman stops “wasting blood” – this blood can now nourish her Heart and prepare her for her role in society as a “wise woman” – a leader of her community. Thus, menopause is another stage in a woman’s development, one of new harmony and well being, different from the previous stages. It should be asymptomatic!

The classics are clear on the 7-years cycle in women. However, the direct relationship TCM has made between menopause and Kidney weakness is far from comprehensive. The status of Earth (Spleen and Stomach) for example, is usually ignored as well as the imbalance caused in all other elements. This course describes these 5 elemental types of menopausal symptoms, highlighting the main symptoms and signs for each.

This Chinese Medicine part is preceded by a Western Medicine overview of perimenopause and menopause by Dr. Miller MD , LIC AC, MBA, both to advance your understanding of the western view and knowledge of menopause and to enable you to speak to patients and other medical in their own language.

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