From Pantry to a Pharmacy: The Ancient Art of Single Herb Therapy

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  • Help your patient’s to treat themselves at any given time.

  • Spice up your knowledge and confidence by using common herbs and spices for treating internal and external diseases.

  • Boost your clinical confidence using single herbs and spices. 

  • Expand your “Clinical Toolbox” with an efficient and easy-to-use form of herbal therapy.


Since the early days of history, spices have had a crucial effect on the development of human society, culinary and health.

This live training will present the traditional therapeutic qualities of 20 well-known spices used for treating and preventing diseases in both Ayurvedic and Chinese medical traditions. 

This kind of practice has been in use throughout human history – from the ancient times of the great shamans and sages, who used local herbs and spices as simple and effective remedies, up until our present days, as scientists keep researching active ingredients from different types of plants and minerals, for their therapeutic effect.


Day 1: Theoretical day, covering the species and their therapeutic qualities.

Day 2: Practical day, with demonstrations, practice at home and case studies.

! For this day, we recommend (but it is not compulsory) that you bring with you fresh ginger, some cloves of garlic, cinnamon bark, cloves, ground turmeric, grounded dry ginger and some plasters and/or gauze pads.

Provider: TCM Academy

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