Journey Through 2000 Years of Yin-Yang Harmonisation (Tiao He)

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  • Survey key ideas from a dozen of the great medical minds of the past 

  • Gain insights into the meaning of the classical Chinese medicine ideas of rebellion (ni) and chaos (luan). 

  • Realise the secret of the genius principle, the clinical harmonisation (tiao he) styles used by renowned physicians from the Han dynasty to modern times.


In this course Charles Buck outlines a narrative of the greats of the Chinese medicine tradition from beginnings to modern times. To spice things up Charlie focuses on a few key herb prescriptions and the way that these represent Chinese medicine’s harmonisation idea. 

This is not a heavy herbalistas course, the narrative should be easily followed by those without a CHM training. The common thread that connects the session is the ancient idea of yin-yang harmonisation (tiao he 调和) and we see how this ideal was achieved in different ways, in different styles and in different formulas. 

The formulas mentioned are familiar but each is framed in a way that contextualises and offers fresh insights into the thinking behind them. This helps our sense of engagement with the historical narrative and provides fresh perspectives on our work in the present day.

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