5 Studies that Will Make You Fall in Love with Chinese Medicine

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  • Fall in love with Chinese Medicine.

  • Discover good studies which support the use of Chinese Medicine

  • Demonstrate to your local doctors, in their own language, the evidence for Chinese Medicine found in modern research.

  • Converse with your patients through knowledge rooted in modern science.

  • Explain how acupuncture is helping pain in comparison to pharmaceutical drugs.


Although Chinese medicine has been around for almost 3000 years, outside of China it is not always understood what the needles do in our body? Does Chinese Medicine treat this or other disease? How is it compared to existing pharmaceutical drugs?

As science advances, funds are directed to research precisely to answer these questions. And the results are surprising. There are many diseases where acupuncture is effective, many-a-times superior to some drugs. Beyond that, today we know that needles at certain points have very similar mechanism of action to some drugs, but without side effects or addiction.
In this course, Dr. Barzilay reviews 5 key studies that will make you fall in love with Chinese Medicine and explain how it all fits with modern world diseases and conventional medicine.
With the headlines surrounding use of TCM for the treatment of COVID-19 (Corona Virus) in China, there is a small section which covers new studies just published from China.

The course may be useful for people interested in Chinese Medicine, as well as students and therapists.


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