What Acupuncture Can And Cannot Treat


By identifying the obstacles that are hindering practitioners from building successful practices, Matthew believes that the general public, policy makers and other health professionals will have a better understanding of what we offer. An important obstacle is acupuncture's credibility. Most people find the claim that acupuncture can treat dozens of conditions by simply sticking needles in people hard to believe. Acupuncturists need to be honest about what acupuncture can and cannot do. Matthew teaches participants a simple and logical way that they can identify which types of conditions will respond best to acupuncture. By first knowing and then being straightforward about acupuncture's limits you gain credibility and achieve success. Goals of the course: 1) How to identify and solve obstacles to a successful private practice 2) How to bridge acupuncture's credibility with the general public 3) Promoting that acupuncture works by stimulating the body's own healing resources 4) How to identify which types of conditions will respond best to acupuncture 5) Managing patient expectations and communicating this with patients

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