Treat the Shen and Transform Emotions

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  • Discover more about acupuncture points used for treating the Shen and their practical application.

  • Diagnose and treat suffering on both physical and psycho-emotional levels.

  • Transform and support your patients emotions, Shen and Heart.


To possess the Shen is the splendor of life, loss of the Shen is ruin”, Su Wen Ch. 13

The number of psycho-emotional diseases, such as: anxiety, depression, dissatisfaction, feeling of tension is constantly growing.
Acupuncture, by its nature, is a very transformational method of healing, focused on the unity of patient’s body mind and spirit. It provides effective and safe tools for diagnosis and treatment of suffering on both physical and psycho-emotional levels.

During the course we will discuss some of the groups of acupuncture points and points combinations used for treating the Shen, supporting the Heart and transforming emotions. All the points will be presented in unique way, with symbolic pictures based on the “Gates of Life” project.


Provider - TCM Academy 


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