Inflammation In our Bodies; Inflammation in our World: The Tao of Trauma

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So much polarization around vaccines and viruses – climate change and politics, yet we so desperately need to come together as a world’s people to sort out the complexity of healing these desperate challenges! Can we find a “middle way” to come together, transcend the burden of polarization and find our common humanity?

This webinar will explore the growing movement in medicine to look at illness through the lens of inflammation and the potential it provides to bring us together. This lens supports a very broad look at the nature of illness and includes the relationship between our world on fire and our bodies on fire.

Our inflammatory response is triggered when tissues or cells are damaged or threatened. It’s a mirror of the Self-Protective Response – if we are able to move through all its steps, then the traumatic experience doesn’t leave its imprint in our tissues. If we experience additional threats before the last one has been fully digested, the sense of threat accumulates into growing dysregulation and growing inflammation.

We have an epidemic of inflammatory illness. It is mirrored in an epidemic of environmental and social inflammation. Global temperatures are rising, forest fires are destroying the regulating influence of forests, and political demagogues have fertilized distrust and hatred. Our world and our people exist as a hologram, mirroring each other. Healers can help.

CoVid 19 is an inflammatory illness. In addition to being vaccinated — the difference between a mild and a fatal case comes down to the presence of pre-existing states of systemic inflammation – being of advanced age, having heart disease, inflammatory bowel illness, diabetes, obesity, cancer, or auto-immune illness.

Clearly, the Chinese axiom of all illness as an expression of “the strength of the pathogen and the strength of the host” may help us find a way to come together and heal ourselves and our world. 

The wisdom of this axiom can also inform efforts to transform the impact of our world on fire. Healers can play an important role.

  • We can help transform the foundations of inflammatory illness in incomplete traumatic stress responses.

  • We can support more regulation in our patient’s nervous systems – and help them provide the respect, protection, encouragement, love and care that their children and our communities need to thrive.

  • The more regulated our nervous systems are, the more we are able to distinguish discomfort from threat – and reduce impulsive violence as well as “death by a 1,000 paper cuts” in marginalized communities.

  • Our patients will not only have lower rates of inflammation in their own bodies – they will be better prepared to bring grounded and strategic actions to the critical need to protect and defend vulnerable people and our wounded planet.

Clearly – our world needs its healers. We have a critical role to play in the creation of the regulation needed in our communities so that we can come together and transform the challenges of our lifetime.


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