The Biochemistry of Acupuncture

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  • Explain how acupuncture works using known scientific medical concepts.

  • Gap the seemingly distance between ancient wisdom and modern language.

  • Answer the question: “So, how does acupuncture work?” 


What happens when we insert a needle? Is there a biochemical signalling system responding to this kind of stimulation?

Everyday in practice, we see our patients achieve amazing results with the help of our treatments. That said, many of us have been trained using models such as TCM, Zang Fu, and Five Elements that are completely foreign to the cultures in which we live and practice. As such, there’s a growing awareness of the need to be able to explain our treatments and results in biomedical terms. We need to be able to answer the question: “So, how does acupuncture work?”.

Provider - TCM Academy 

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