Constitutions and Belief Systems in Chinese Medicine

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  • Use clinical treatment strategies for harmonizing the elements

  • Recognise your patients’ constitution through the five elements: 
    general appearance and psychology, body shape, face, hands, belief patterns

  • Diagnose according to your patients’ constitution and morphology:
    specific influence of each constitution on the physical, energetic and psychological expressions of the individual

  • Understand the components of the belief systems and the foundation of belief mechanisms: constitution, temperament, behavior

  • Identify the five archetypes: 
    appearance and psychology, related Zang-fu disharmony patterns, psycho-emotional dysfunctions and specific acupuncture therapeutic protocols

  • Realize the role of the Extraordinary vessels


The human basic “Constitution” is transmitted by the parental essences (Jing). 

In the pre-natal stage, the constitution will influence the preferential development of specific organ systems, thus defining the physiology and the morphology of the person. Additionally, the constitution (Jing & Zong Qi) will predispose the development of a specific “Temperament”. 

Together with post-natal conditioning and personal life experiences the constitution and the temperament are responsible for the formation of individual belief systems and the psycho-emotional expressions of a person.

The basic belief mechanisms and habitual mind-sets will further define how the outer world is perceived and will influence the physiology as well as the pathology of a person.

In this course Dr. Montakhab explains the topics of reality versus belief and the components of the Belief systems. He reviews inherited energies: Jing /constitution and body form; Zong/ temperament; Ming/ curriculum and destiny (genetics and epigenetics).

The 5 constitutions: influence on anatomy and outer morphology: Zang-fu/ primary channels and sinew channels and the role of the Extraordinary vessels; psychological impacts are being explained and you will learn analysis of the Fire-Water-Wood-Earth-Metal type constitution: body shape; face; hands; general appearance and psychology; belief patterns

Specific acupuncture strategies and Treatment strategies for harmonizing the Elements are shared

Provider: TCM Academy


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