Dreams in Chinese Medicine





  • Explore dreams as they appear in the Chinese medical tradition as well as Daoist and Confucian traditions as well as in modern psychological theories.

  • Diagnose patients Zang-Fu through their dreams.

  • Cover the TCM patterns involved in sleep and dreams.


  • Interpret dreams for better physiological and psychological diagnosis and understanding.

  • Employ acupuncture protocols and classical points  indicated for the treatment of dreams of fear, worry, frustration and more, as well as nightmares, sleepwalking and more.


Dream interpretation has been an integral part of Classical Chinese Diagnosis, through dreams, the Hun helps release external and internal pathogenic factors from.

Long parts of Dr. Montakab’s nearly 50 years of experience practicing Chinese Medicine have been dedicated to sleep and dreams and in this course he shares his insight, the psychological and Chinese theories of dreams and how to use dreams as diagnostic and therapeutic tools in the clinic.

Provider - TCM Academy 

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