Temperaments and Beliefs in Chinese Medicine

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The “Temperament” or the habitual psycho-emotional expression of a person depends partly on the transmitted family inheritance and partly on post-natal conditioning.

The six basic “Temperaments” are represented by the “Six energy axis” or the channel systems which constitute a bridge between the inner world “Microcosm” and the outer changes the “Macrocosm” and define the basic responses and adaptations to outer events. 

Constitutions and Temperaments have a major influence on “Belief” mechanisms and further influence the physiology as well as the pathology of a person. This understanding provides a key for freeing oneself from the habitual mind-sets and behaviours.

Choosing acupuncture strategies and points adapted to the temperament, constitutes the art of treating a person rather than a disease. 
Additionally, in this course we cover important topics like the symbolism of the numbers 5 & 6 in the Chinese tradition.


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