Calligraphy and Medicine: Two Masters – Five Elements

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  • Discover the depth of five elements through the visuals of calligraphy.

  • See the differences between a Yang and a Yin element.

  • Recognize the pictographs of the five elements and the art of drawing them.

  • Enrich and deepen your understanding of Chinese Medicine through the significance of the pictographs.


In these beautifully crafted videos two masters; Dr. Yair Maimon, a Chinese medicine clinical with over 30 years of experience & Tirza Paytan Sela, a calligraphy & Japanese Art master since 1987 share and discuss their crafts.

Throw the elegant ink brushes of the five phases they reveal the depth of the Chinese philosophy and the way it is related to our understanding of life, medicine and patients.

This course has been filmed in Shodo – The Japanese Calligraphy School & Japanese Art Center in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Provider - TCM Academy 

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