The Divergent Pathways (Jing Bie): Background and Application

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Ling Shu (Divine Pivot) Chapter 11 is the oldest written source that mentions the divergent pathways (jing bie). Current theories about the use of the divergent pathways are based on interpretations of this chapter and clinical experience. Whilst the Ling Shu only describes the course of the 12 divergent pathways, contemporary authors and teachers have presented their own understandings and methods of treatment. In the experience of this author, the divergent pathways are an effective method for the treatment of chronic complaints. This article introduces the basic theory of the divergent pathways with a detailed presentation of the sixth divergent pair and an illustrative case study. It has been adapted from a chapter of the author’s recently published book Divergent Trajectories - Backgrounds and Applications in Practice.

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Author Brechtje Sebregts
JCM Issue JCM128/28
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