Yinyang Wuxing Yi versus TCM

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There is a need to differentiate old style yi (醫), healing work, from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The perspective on life, spirit, body, health and illness in yi are based on the principles of yinyang wuxing. In contrast, TCM tends to favour a modern biomedical view of the body, health and illness. The ancient herbal formulas and acupuncture methods were originally developed to correct disconnections of heaven, earth and human beings. When illness and healing methods are understood according to the old yi method, this provides reliable clinical results. There exist incongruences between TCM principles and practice, which interfere with the practitioner’s intention to achieve correct diagnoses and outcomes. This article gives a basic explanation of yinyang wuxing theory and how the practice of yi is different from modern TCM.
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Author Rhonda Chang
JCM Issue JCM 118-23
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