Di Fu Zi: Bassia Scoparia

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Di Fu Zi: Bassia Scoparia
Di Fu Zi has been known by several Latin names over the years since it was first labelled as Chenopodium scoparium by Carl Linnaeus in 1753. In 1809 it was placed in the genus Kochia by Heinrich Schrader and the plant is generally referred to as Kochia scoparia in most Chinese materia medica texts, despite the fact it was transferred to the genus Bassia in 1978 by Andrew Scott. This classification was confirmed by molecular phylogeny in 2011 and the official name is now Bassia scoparia. There are also many common names. In the gardening world it is often known as 'burning bush' and grown for its intense autumn colour. The specific name 'scoparia' refers to the use of the plant as a sweeping broom.
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Author Tony Harrison
JCM Issue RCHM journal May 2014
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