Treating Modern Horses with Chinese Medicine

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Treating Modern Horses with Chinese Medicine
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What was old is new again, and this certainly seems the case with Chinese herbal medicine for horses, while what some consider new and unique actually has deep roots in classical Chinese medicine. Utilizing Chinese herbal remedies with horses reflects a larger current trend. Like our human patients, many horse owners are seeking a more natural and less pharmaceutical approach to horse keeping and wellness, and Chinese herbal medicine offers a wide variety of effective treatment opportunities.

Modern horses, like their human caregivers, are afflicted by many of the same contemporary maladies that we treat in the clinic every day. They live vastly different lives compared to their ancient nomadic ancestors. Stress, travel, lack of exercise, living in confined spaces, poor diet and irregular eating habits are now the norm for many domestic horses.

As the system of Chinese medicine evolved to meet the medical needs of humans, animal husbandry developed alongside. China evolved as an agricultural society where animals played a valuable role, and horses in particular performed vital cultural functions: they provided transportation, labor, food, wealth and were used as weapons of war.

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