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A Manual of Acupuncture latest digital news

A Manual of Acupuncture latest digital news

Mobile App - now available for IOS (Apple) and Android devices

This is a brand new, entirely rebuilt app for Apple (purchase via Apple store) and Android (purchase via Google play store) smartphones and tablets. It features:

• Every channel, vessel, point and extraordinary point in the Manual of Acupuncture textbook.

• English and Chinese point names, point category, point location, point location notes, point illustration, needling instructions, needling cautions, point actions (TCM) clinical application, classical point combinations.

• Videos with voiceover showing how to locate and needle every  point.

• Illustrations for all primary, luo-connecting, divergent and sinew channels and the eight extraordinary vessels.

• Search across any field – point name, location, actions, indications etc.

• Add your own notes to any field and include them in the search if you wish to.

• Self-testing module.

• Major point groups (e.g. five shu points, xi-cleft points, back-shu points) for study and self-testing.

• Create your own custom groups for easy revision and self-testing.

• All point names include Chinese tones, Chinese characters and calligraphy.

• Listen to how any point name is pronounced in Chinese.

• Reference pages include cun measurements, location & needing guidelines, glossary of principal terms, indications index, areas reached by the channels and more.

• Restore function: when you register your app, all your data (notes, point groups etc.) can be restored if you lose your device.

• Synchronise your notes, self-created point groups etc. across multiple devices.


A Manual of Acupuncture Online App

The Manual of Acupuncture DVD ran into difficulties when first Apple, then Microsoft, upgraded their operating systems. In order to avoid this problem in the future we have moved the Manual multimedia resource  to an online app. This means that it will be accessible on most devices (desktop, laptop, tablet etc.) that have a browser.

The online app is more comprehensive than the mobile app (above) and additionally features:

• The entire text of A Manual of Acupuncture, including the crucial and lengthy point commentaries, animations of the primary channel, and a whole variety of self-testing modules.

Access to this online application will be by purchasing either a single payment lifetime licence, or by monthly rental. Full details of purchase options and everything else about the application can be found here. Owners of a previously published Manual of Acupuncture DVDRom or download can upgrade to the web application for a small fee.

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