Heavenly Moxibustion – Ancient Knowledge in Modern Practice

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  • Treat confidently using common herbs and spices as an external treatment for healing and preventing disease.

  • Stimulate the channels system without using acupuncture or moxa.

  • Expand your “Clinical Toolbox” with an effective and simple form of external therapy, using herbs instead of acupuncture needles or moxa.

  • Help to make your patient’s kitchen into a pharmacy and allowing them to treat themselves at any given time.



This course presents the traditional Chinese practice of using the medicinal qualities of common herbs and spices, as an external form of therapy for stimulating the channels system – known as Tiān Jiǔ 天灸 or Heavenly Moxibustion.

This kind of practice has been in use throughout China’s history, as a folk remedy to treat and prevent illness, without the use of acupuncture needles or burning moxa.

Provider: TCM Academy

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